Friday, July 20, 2012

The operation itself Implantable defibrillator

Implantation of the AED is in local anesthesia. The procedure usually takes 1 to three hours. During the procedure carried a lead into one of the larger veins in or near the collarbone, and managed to use the X-ray fluoroscopy until the heart. The ends of the cord (s) entered at the bottom of the heart of the heart chambers (ventricles). The other end to the cable attaches to the shock generator, which is usually implanted beneath the skin just below the collarbone.

After implantation, the heart doctor to test the AED and program it to handle your specific heart problem. Testing of the AED means that you have to shock your heart. You will be anesthetized when it happens. Generally located 1 to two days in the hospital after the procedure, and it is common to check the AED one or more times during their stay.

After the procedure, it may be a little sore in the operational area, which may be swollen and sore from a few days for several weeks. Painkillers will ease the pain. You cannot even drive home from the hospital after discharge.

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