Thursday, July 26, 2012

A plant called fountain of youth

Aloe vera is one of the best known medicinal plants since ancient times.

In ancient Greek physicians prescribed the plant in their orders, while the ancient Egyptians used it as medicine, but also as an elixir for the skin care and for embalming their dead and was called the "plant of the immortality " For millennia, this plant has become prestigious for men the symbol of immortality and beauty. Almost all cultures have attributed to aloe vera soothing nicknames: The Indians called him a "Magic Sky," the Maya believed in him the "Fountain of Youth" and the Sumerians greeted as "gift of the gods." Today aloe vera knows many popular names such as "plant medicine," "Pot Doctor" or "magic wand." wand".

Aloe vera is a plant that belongs, such as garlic, to the botanical family Liliaceae. It grows in subtropical areas and sandy soil.

Leaves gray-green thick up to 60 inches long and from a rosette. This plant is well adapted to dry climate and arid desert. This robustness is due to the peculiar constitution of the leaves: they evaporate from some moisture and store water and nutrients and natural substances for drought periods.
aloe vera uses

If a leaf is broken, it heals almost instantly: juice, gel-like, flowing to where it was broken and from a protective layer that strengthens in a very short time, making the wound barely visible. The best-known property of aloe vera gel is a similar effect on human skin.

Over the century's healers, veterinarians, and specialists have openly stated that Aloe Vera has the power to cure or reduce the pain of human and animal diseases.

Some of the benefits of aloe vera in humans:

- Stimulates cell growth

Stimulant, depending on the dosage, the cell growth and development of normal tissue, including tissue, where it's beneficial effect for injuries.

- Purifies

Aloe Vera harmonizes, detoxifies and normalizes the digestive tract and enzyme's aid digestion.

- Antiseptic

It has at least six components antiseptic bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal or inhibiting growth of fungi.

- Anti-inflammatory

It suppresses inflammation reactions by removing redness, heat sensation comparable to those of corticosteroids, but without their side effects.

and many more ...

Aloe Vera is used both for external application on the skin (it has the property to penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin) only for internal use where it helps to include a good bowel movement and helps in increasing defenses immune.

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