Sunday, August 5, 2012

Career opportunity for health information management degree holders

Besides the fact that health information management is a worthwhile carrier to choose, you might find it hard to get the right opportunity for an entry- level position in this field. You may not face that many problems to acquire appropriate certification from a proficient college but integrating yourself to the health-care professional community is much exacting. However, knowing some facts about this profession may help you to find the right vocation.As the name itself suggests, health information management combines health care, information technology and management. Accordingly, the career options also vary based on the field that you choose, your education level and the employer requirement. Patient information and treatment records are the foundation of health care industry. To provide best treatment, doctors and nurse require this information accurate and readily available. This requirement gives the health information managers a treasure of career options. According to American health information management association, health information professional can work in the field of risk management, medical coding, patient privacy, medical record management and for corporate compliance. The opportunity also varies according to the educational level of the candidate. A degree course pursues better opportunities than an associate degree certification. Health information management association describes the work opportunities for an associate degree holder as patient information co-coordinator, health data analyst, physician practice manager or as a clinical coding specialist. Where as the candidate with a bachelor's degree will get a better opportunity to work in the upper rank. A bachelor's degree holder can work as a HIM system manager, information security manager, and consultant or as a HIM department director. Now it is your turn. You may choose to work as a medical coder or as a department director rather than working as an information security manager. As a medical coder you have to convert verbal description of injuries and diseases into prescribed medical codes. These codes are essential to deal with insurance companies and also health care industry uses these codes to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of health care. As a HIM director you have to supervise other health information staffs. You have to work directly with patients, doctors and the insurance companies to ensure the accuracy of the information. The HIM department director has to report right away to the chief information officer and to the chief financial officer. As a health information management professional it is not obligatory for work only in health care hospitals. There are some other health care companies that offer attractive job opportunities to the health information management degree holders. Other than hospitals you can choose to work in insurance companies, rehabilitation centers, pharmaceutical companies, consulting law farms, or can work under long-term health care facility providers.

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